Saturday, 24 January 2015

Hello Again!!!

One of my favourite wedding blogs 'The Delhi Bride' recently wrote a post called 'I think I will call this part - acceptance' , a post dedicated to accepting what had become of this infamous writers block and almost chore like feeling, now I have to admit I completely resonated with this post, unlike the Delhi bride I am not am not a writer by nature, I'm law graduate who opened up her own business but who dreams big of opening her own bridal venture, so this blog to me was always a way of finding and reaching out to that base of people who loved what I did - weddings and even more so Indian Designer Bridal wear. 

Now I should explain that I'm not short of ideas of what I want to talk about here on this blog but it all seems to have got a bit lost, I would start to write a post then someone would unceremoniously walk into my room or I would get distracted but something and then the in comes the writers block, and then nothing sounds right anymore or you can't seem to string two words together let alone a sentence! 

So now with a new year comes a new mindset, over this break I've figured out what exactly I want this blog to be, I know now how I want to help all you brides to be out there, I'm sure in a previous life I was one hell of a shaadi planner because I'm packed full of ideas and most importantly I'm a woman on a mission, I want to change the face of weddings here in the UK, I refuse to be resigned to the fact that we will forever be at least a decade behind our family in the east,  I  instead want us to expand our horizons and educate our choices, and most importantly explore the true beauty of our cultures, heritages and traditions because they are so rich and decadent that it would be such a waste otherwise! 

So stay tuned, there's a post following soon!!

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