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Hi there, I'm Sunisha, and I'm a self -confessed wedding enthusiast, at 23 I've graduated from Law School with Honours and now opened my own division of the family business, so not your typical wedding enthusiast background! Oh I should add too, that I'm hopelessly single! But my love for all things weddings has led me to launch Rokanha, the ultimate wedding guide for 'brides to be', members of the wedding parties, so sisters of the brides & grooms I'm talking to you guys, guests or even if your just a complete wedding geek like me this is the key to all the need-to-know secrets to create your perfect wedding!

So often I hear 'brides to be' saying that they're off to India to do the mandatory wedding shopping hoping to find the holy grail of Wedding Lehenga's and Trousseau shopping, but quite honestly that's no small task, I can't even imagine how they know where to even start! There's just so much to think about, and I say this from experience having travelled to vast parts of India myself! But here in the ultimate hub of all things weddings I will be exploring everything you need to know in order to not only have a successful shopping trip but help you decide what sort of styles, designers and accessories you might want to consider for yourself or members of the wedding, be it the bride or groom, mother or father of the bride & groom or siblings of the bride & groom, I aim to play devils advocate with you, to help you decide what's right for you and what's not, inspire you to maybe consider new styles, designers and accessories! Here you'll find everything you need to know! 

Now you maybe wondering what exactly Rokanha means! Well let me explain, Indian weddings are anything but quite, they're often large and lavish, even when we attempt for it not to be and the festivities run on for days! Rokanha originates from the word Roka, your first official shaadi event i.e. the engagement, its the event that tells everyone that you've gone and found your Mr or Mrs Right (we don't want to alienate you grooms out there!) this is also the event where you parents and grandparents breath a collective sigh of relief!

Your Wedding Journey is arguably the most important and memorable moments that make up your life and so that bring you all to me and to Rokanha, I'm reaching out to all brides to be and family members involved to help you all  along the way...

So go on, get reading there's a ton for you to discover!

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