Saturday, 7 March 2015

Tarun Tahiliani...

Tarun Tahilianis brand is synonymous with the concept of the modern Indian Bride , blending Indian heritage with western silhouettes. His singular aesthetic vision fuses western notions of cut and construct with the finish and work so ingrained within our Indian heritage. Tarun's work treads the fine line between traditional and modern and I think this is the reason so many brides resonate with his vision. His perspective on bridal wear is so unique and clear you cannot confuse it with anybody else's - he is nothing short of a creative mastermind when it comes to understanding how to dress the female form. 

Signature Feature

Crystal Embroidery: Admittedly I'm, not a huge fan of crystals or stone work, but if I was ever going to be tempted it would a Tarun Tahiliani creation - believe me I was tempted when I was in Delhi at his DLF Emporio store, this AMAZING dusky blue saree was calling out to me and has haunted me ever since! Tarun does crystal work like no other, he understands how to use crystals as a defining feature and highlight, which when you start looking many people don't...

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