Friday, 6 June 2014

Ghoonghat's - A New Bridal Trend?

It's not always as simple as just choosing your outfit, these days once you've done the complicated part and chosen your wedding outfit you've got think about all the other things to go with it like accessories and  all the different styling options, for example do I or don't I like Pasa's and Naths? - I mean before today you've never really had to consider or needed an opinion on them so how are you suddenly expected to have one now!

And so I suppose why on earth am I  asking you your thoughts on Ghoonghat's (also known as Jhund's)? But here I am  asking you anyway?! I should probably start with telling you what one is just in case you have no idea what one is...A Goonghat is in its most basic definition a veil, but instead of a veil in the traditional sense of the word as you might wear one with a white wedding gown, this is the desi version so basically your dupatta is draped to form the veil aspect of your outfit

If I'm honest I don't see to many on brides these days and I wonder if its one of these things that is better left in its heyday than on modern day brides, my mother who of course is of the traditional school 'loves' them, she herself wore one on her wedding day all those years ago and I have to say that I  can personally see why they were a big thing back then and I've inherited my mum's love for them! I think they're so unusual and look so traditional and styled with touches of modernness can look incredible on a bride. When I have seen brides wear one they're always styled so beautifully, they have either a soft net, georgette or even chiffon dupatta which semi transparent and have lowered over their faces to create a veil.

I do have to say though that I strongly dislike the heavy opaque style ghoonghats which you can't see the bride through! To me it borders on the side of being toooo traditional and really what the point of have all that stunning makeup applied and hair styled if your just going to cover it all up! Plus it majorly hides all those stunning accessories that it took hours to curate and select... A close cousin of mine wore this opaque style of ghoonghat with a Salwar suit on her wedding day  about a year and half ago, I later asked her why she wore a ghoonghat and she told me it was because she was soooo nervous!... this particular style to me is a complete no no though, I just can't see how it looks right and just seems more hap-hazardous than anything, I'd be more likely to trip up on myself whilst doing my pheras!

If you've not considered one before then maybe give it a small moments thought and ask yourself 'what do I think?' Do you think it would look right with your wedding outfit? I would personally love to see more and more brides wearing them on their big days, if I've still not managed to completely sell you - take a look through my scrapbook of pictures and the short video of lovely couple by the name of Ekjot and Harris Rafiq on their wedding where the bride wore a beautiful ghoonghat (around the 3 minute mark in particular)!

Credit: Youtube: Ekjot & Harris Rafiq's lovely wedding...

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