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Delhi Bridal Shopping...

Now that you've selected your shopping city of choice, your probably wondering how on earth your going to even know where to start shopping once your there, because the last thing your going to want to do is waste time and get messed around! You need to have an action plan so to speak, so like the post about Mumbai vs Delhi: I've done a lot of research and culminated a whole lot of information to try and give you the best advise on the local hotspots that are popular and the best places to visit for shopping.

Now I'm going to start with Delhi & Chandni Chowk seen as there's a whole ton of great information to share with you!


  • Frontier Raas in South Extension 
    • Lots of Bridal Bloggers have recommend this store for its great diversity and wide range of options, they have everything from swaroski encrusted lehengas to pieces with Gota, Kundan etc...
    • They also have a lot of designer look a likes or outifts in the style of certain designers so if you have one in mind you may find they have similar piece at a quarter of the price tag! 
    • Being from the UK, I can say that I like to go by recommendation and reputation when shopping for something important and this store is certainly in the running for the most reputable, the amount of people I know who shop in the main Bazaar store in Karol Bagh from the UK is endless so for me this a huge bonus point 
    • There is a difference between Frontier Bazaar and Frontier Raas- Frontier Raas I believe focuses more on Bridal Wear 
    • Now prices are varied but most brides who have shopped here say that they start from around £600 - £800 mark
    • Now whilst ploughing through endless bridal accounts of people shopping here, I noticed that a few said that they had to act 'serious' so to speak about buying their outfit from here so that the sales assistants would start taking them more seriously and start showing  the 'wow' outfits...but all in all most brides have found there is some great finds to be had here...    
  • Frontier Bazaar in Karol Bagh
    • Now this is the main bazaar store as I'll call it, theres also a branch in Punjab Phawgara, this is a good store for a little bit of everything
    • Personally I like this store, I've shopped here and know that theres a great selection of saris, lehengas and suits
    • I would recommend this store for mostly Trosseau shopping as there is a great varied selection of work and designs 
    • Prices are also pretty reasonable, I managed to pick up some heavy Sequin encrusted saris in a beautiful soft net nude colour for around £110 so I 'd say price wise most things start from around £100+ 
  • Dolly J in Defence Colony
    • I've read a lot about this store and its been given some high recommendations 
    • Price wise you can find some great stuff for around £350 plus 
    • They have a really unique and individual collections and many have said they've found some really amazing outfits here so it definitely worth a visit...

Chandni Chowk:

  • Om Prakash Jawahar Lal 
    • To say theres a lot about this store on the net is an understatement, countless brides have not only recommended this store but have found their dream outfit here
    • Now don't be fooled by the samples they can be a little off putting as they're slightly tatty in appearance when looking at their sample but don't worry your outfit will be made new 
    • Many brides have praised them for their great variety and price wise they're right on the mark
    • They also have pieces in the style of a lot of big designers be it Sabya, Manish or Tarun if you've got a look in mind go right on ask them to show you pieces in that style 
    • Also don't be put off by the bling you'll see you just  have to work through it all! 
    • Now brides seem to split on whether or not they advise you to get outfits customised, so recount excellent results others not so great! But I think it really depends on what your having done, if for example your simply removing a few borders from the design (which is also a great way to keep down the price) then I would say - worry not. But if your changing huge amount of the design lets say the colour of the lehenga then I would say think about it long and hard because your risking a lot especially if like me they're's a slight language barrier (my hindi is okay/good but not great by any means)!
    • Price wise they are right on point £400+ but most brides say that for a 'good' piece they range from £800+
  • Asiana Couture
    • A store that seems to be growing in popularity, brides report good quality garments and the price range is cheaper than Om Prakash 
  • CTC Moti Nagar
    • Lots and lots of crystal and stone encrusted Lehengas here so if bling is your thing then be sure to stop by here
    • Prices can be varied depending on how heavy your outfit is but they range from £300+ 

Hopefully I've given you a great round up of all the best places to hit up on your shopping journey... 

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