Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Bridal Shopping - Mumbai vs Delhi...

India is vast and large in its entirety so basically trying to narrow down where to shop as a visitor to the country is no minor task and unless you are a planner and researcher and are able to plan your trip down to a tee then its a hard task. I've trailed and trawled many weddings blogs that originated from brides to be in India and have come to some conclusions to help you decide where's best to shop and navigate once you decided which city your going to shop in.

Now for your Bridal Jora, there are two main cities that are most common destinations for shopping for your trousseau and outfit, Mumbai and Delhi. Now the question remains which is best? Having travelled and been to these cities many a times before, I can tell you for starters that they are both great cities to shop in, you'll find great pieces in either city, but for your wedding outfit, there are some things to consider!

  • Mumbai has a great selection of lighter designs of Lehengas and Wedding Outfits here
  • You won't necessarily find a lot of selection in terms of heavier outfits so if your looking to find something with Tarun Tahiliani or Sabyasachi or JJ Valaya influences you won't necessarily find it here
  • Brands such as Shehla Khan and Mumbai duo Jade by Monica and Karishma have flagship stores here, they house a selection of beautifully crafted garments, 
  • If you have the chance I would definitely recommend visiting these stores for any additional Trousseau shopping, you really will find some great outfits in these stores
  • There are a lot of lesser known brands and designers based in Mumbai with a wonderful selection of outfits
  • Price wise Mumbai is of course a big city so expect big city prices, but in terms of comparing Delhi and Mumbai prices are pretty much the same

  • Wide variety and selection of outfits available, you'll find a great range of heavier outfits here so if your looking for that rich and regal look, I really think Delhi's your city...
  • If bling is your thing then Delhi also houses a lot of selection of outfits too..
  • Chandhi Chowk: Now really navigating Chandhi Chowk is an almost daunting task and I will be dedicating a post to shopping here, because it really is worth a visit. Many upon many ladies have found there dream outfit here you really are going to the heart of India's Bridal Shopping secrets
  • Delhi's Karol Bagh: great place for Trousseau shopping in my opinion 
  • Stores like Frontier Raas, Frontier Bazaar are housed here, now being from the UK, I'm sure like many of your ladies out there have heard of this particular 'chain' store there's also another Frontier based in Phagwara (Punjab) so its a great place to head for a good selection of outfits, having shopped in the Karol Bagh, I can personally vouch for a good variety of clothes, I personally didn't love their ready made suits and anarkalis as they were a bit to blingy for my liking, but they housed a wonderful selection of unmade suits and saris so for Trousseau shopping its a great place to go - Warning though price wise they are a little high, I'm talking £100+ for most outfits, they also claim that they're 'fixed price' store but I always say that theres always room to haggle, NEVER fall for this line...
  • Great Bridal Accessory variety, theres a lot of places to get accessories from in Delhi 
  • You'll find a lot of places to get all your additional bits and bobs too that you need for your wedding, if your Punjabi, you'll find your a great Choora and Kaleera selection here and everything else that your parents will need for the wedding! 
  • Opportunity to Haggle: especially if you heading to Chandhi Chowk (so ensured your armed with your best haggler!) in the bigger stores and designer stores prices will be the same as Mumbai.. 
  •  Navigation - I've been to Delhi a number of times and still find it a little hard to navigate but of you have a list and details of where you want to hit then you'll be fine! 

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