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Sabyasachi - Bridal Designer...

When I decided to start this blog I wanted to reach out to as may brides to be as possible to help them in making decisions but also to help to introduce you guys to a variety of places to shop on your wedding journey. Here in the UK, information of the ins and out is scarce when brides head to India, and even if you know who and where you want to check out maybe from a snapshot you took of something you've seen on Pinterest or Instagram you still sometimes still feel confused as to where to even begin, so its ends up being completely inaccessible to so many! So hopefully through a serious of posts I will be introducing you to Indian Runway Designers who showcase bridal collections and the key places for you to be hitting when your on the search for your wedding outfit!

So we're going to start with a designer that I think deserves a slot on your shopping list. Now he is amongst the fashion elite in India, his talent is unquestionable and he sits alongside creative geniuses like Tarun Tahiliani, Anamika Khanna, Rohit Bal and JJ Valaya. He is fast growing a reputation for making many girls bridal dreams come true I am of course talking about Sabyasachi Mukherjee.

Sabyasachi is an infamous brand in India and his wedding collections are equally famous. He creates lehengas that are demurely stunning and timeless. Timelessness in a Bridal Lehenga/ Outfit is I think the one thing that should remain a priority when shopping for your lehenga, and I know you might be thinking - surely liking something then and there at that precise moment in time is how how you should decide you've found the one, but hear me out! 

You know when you go shopping, and you like something in the moment, its often a little daring and maybe not something you'd usually buy, its maybe a daring colour not usually in the spectrum you'd choose - but you do so anyway but when you get home and you look at it you think hmmmm.. your no longer if you like it sure so you keep in your wardrobe and lo and behold you end up not wearing it! You'll pull it out occasionally but now you just think what on earth was I thinking. That exact moment and that exact feeling should never be  felt when choosing your Wedding Jora, you should be able to pull it out in 5 or 10 years time and still be able to fall in love with it all over again, NOT think oh god what was I thinking or I wish I'd chosen something a little different! Sabya himself has feels that women when choosing their Lehenga fall into peer pressure of what is trendy at the time and forget to choose an outfit that is right for their body shape! 

Sabyasachi's designs favour classic work and styles, featuring work such as zardozi, resham, hand embroideries, thread work and appliqués he layers decedent fabrics such as rich royal velvets as his base leaving you wondering how on earth something so rich and opulent in design can look so understated in elegance and appearance. His work has an unquestionable old world charm that is both charming and refreshing in age where bridal fashion as become somewhat 'samey'. 

Now in terms of price, you have to be mindful of your budget, like most  designer brands there is a price tag attached to their work Sabya's designs range from £1,500+. Now if the budget you had mind was around this figure than Sabyasachi is a must see. This cost is defiantly relative, to what your buying, and you may even be thinking why on earth is it so high! But you have consider all of the  hand work that goes into these pieces, the hand looming and work that goes into these pieces they are not your 'off the shelve' pieces, each piece is carefully crafted and when you see his work close up you truly appreciate the depth of work gone into each and every piece! 

Even if his work is out of your budget, it still worth while taking a trip down to one of his stores to seek some wedding wisdom, you'll see a ton of different creations and ideas and you'll definitely take some inspiration with you! 

If your interested in hunting down  a Sabyasachi in India there's a short list below and some shots of his pieces and some pictures of 'real brides' who have donned Sabyasachi creations for their big day... 

Mumbai - Portfolio
52, 56, Dr. V.B. Gandhi Marg


Mumbai- 400023

Ph: (022) 22623335

Mobile: 9322263359
Kolkata - Bridal Store
80/ 1 & 2 Topsia Road
Kolkata – 700046
Ph: (033) 22852381
Mobile: 9830881375, 9836043953
Sabyasachi by Sabyasachi
3rd Floor, Upadrastha House,
48, Dr V.B. Gandhi Marg
Kalaghoda Fort
Mumbai- 400023

Ph: (022)22623365            

Mobile: 9323263359

New Delhi - Carma
H-5/11, Mehrauli Road,
New Delhi- 110030
Ph: (011) 26644352
Mobile: 9810311155


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